New Practice Group Suggestions

The book Nonviolent Communication: Companion Workbook by Lucy Leu, pages 13 to 51, has an excellent overview of starting a new practice group. Having the whole new group read this is suggested.

In addition: Issues that can be discussed early when a new practice group is forming:
  • The date span of the group: e.g. April thru June, 6 weeks or 8 months etc
  • What time is the door open? The start and stop time of each group meeting as well as time to be out of the house (No meeting after the meeting).
  • Rotating leadership: Do they bring a “remembrance” poetry/prose, a closing activity? Are they responsible for curriculum that night? For leading the empathy?
  • Hosting expectations: Herb tea?, no interruptions from the household, pet hair? Any requests from the host like shoes off etc.
  • Attendance: An agreement of some sort, best effort at getting there and on time, calling the host directly if not coming.
  • Curriculum: Do you want to structure check in? e.g. Needs met or not met or mournings and celebrations. How much time each on check-in, empathy time and then time for exercises and are they from the text and workbook? Role plays? Who can bring the puppets? Email to those who aren’t there or not regarding calendar changes.
  • Consider a way of coaching each other: Non interrupting word signals, hand signals when jackal is heard or good giraffe. Stopping or interrupting when off track using giraffe. E.g., using the word “ding” or “rewind”.
  • Consider when new members might come in. Will someone meet them for coffee interview first?
  • Consider use of silent minute timer for check in.
  • Consider a signed agreement for everybody that covers: Confidentiality-only one’s own experience can be discussed outside, no one else’s.
  • When might the group hire a trainer for a few sessions? Decide how to pay for trainers.

Please add you own and I’d love to have new one’s shared back to me.
Best wishes on your new practice adventure.

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