We offer powerful, life enriching communication skills will help you stay calm and compassionate even in the most trying circumstances. The process helps build your emotional vocabulary, and provides a framework so you can more clearly communicate your feelings, hopes, and what you want in ways that make it easier for others to hear you. Tension is relieved, and feelings can be expressed with more ease, instead of blame, guilt and shame. When communicating with Compassionate Communication, the potential for mutually satisfying outcomes—even in the most difficult of situations—is much more possible.

We invite you to attend a free introduction. There are a variety of individuals training Compassionate Communication in the Northwest. To gain more depth about the concept, model and consciousness of Compassionate Communication, we encourage you to experience a variety of trainings. Feel free to attend several different introductions until you find someone you’re comfortable learning with. Then we encourage you to dive in by attending more trainings and getting involved with a practice group.

There are many benefits these skills will offer you. For example, at home, work or play you'll be able to:

  • Improve cooperation by listening so others are really heard and speak so others can really hear you
  • Transform conflict into jointly arrived at solutions rather than compromise
  • Prevent future pain and misunderstanding
  • Receive someone's anger without taking it personally
  • Transform your anger before it leads to behavior you'll regret
  • Live your life by choice rather than by should and guilt
  • Care for your own needs with compassion

Do any of those sound like gifts you would enjoy receiving? If so, please review our Training Schedule and sign up for one of the free introductions to learn more. We look forward to sharing these life enriching and practical skills with you.