Elana Sabajon

(CNVC Certified Trainer)

Elana Sabajon

Since spring 2002, I have been experiencing daily the transformational power of NVC. Each day is a new beginning to strengthen my communication skills and to deepen my commitment to connect with more compassion to others and myself.

I am committed to social change and positive relationships in our families, our workplaces and in our institutions.

I am passionate about transforming the world – one dialogue at a time.

I dream of a world where cooperation, authenticity, integrity, compassion, care for others, meaning and purpose and a recognition of our interdependence are the natural way we interact with one another across all settings. I truly believe that we have all the resources within ourselves to live life to the fullest.

I am the mother of two children, who really inspired me at the beginning of this journey to create the kind of world I want them to live in. I hold a Masters in Counseling and am a Certified Trainer for the global organization the Center for Nonviolent Communication.

My work takes place locally as well as internationally. I speak fluent German and English, and have lived in four different countries on two continents. These experiences have helped me understand the universal nature of human relationships and connection regardless of personal, cultural or socio-economic status. 

I’ve also worked across the States in a variety of settings: orders, schools, churches, prison and university. I work in private practice with individuals, couples, parents and families. I offer mediation. I facilitate and teach trainings in the Foundations of NVC and Deepening NVC consciousness, and hold NVC Parenting series. 

I am the cofounder of the Vashon Island NVC Family Camp and an active member of the Northwest Compassionate Communication Network as well as the global Center for Nonviolent Communication.

Learning and integrating the tools of NVC helps us access our potential and to live the intention to be the change we want to see in the world … by transforming the world – one dialogue at the time.