Erin Merrihew

(CNVC Certified Trainer)

Erin Merrihew

I am a Communication Coach & Facilitator based in Seattle. 

My work offers a rich exploration of how our minds and hearts work that naturally invites a more empowered, joyful way of living! My specialized approach supports clients to become mindful, process their feelings, express themselves authentically, listen deeply to others, align with their unique purpose, and take meaningful action. I weave together concepts from Nonviolent CommunicationEmpathic CoachingNeuro-linguistic Programming, The Clarity Compass, mindfulness meditation, and various personal development models to gently push each of my clients toward their growth edge. 

I am an Independent Trainer through Northwest Compassionate Communication, adventurous world traveler, Spanish speaker, singer-songwriter, nature lover, and life-long learner. I began studying NVC intensively in early 2013, joined the Cultural Catalyst Network later that year, and completed an apprenticeship with CNVC Certified Trainer & Assessor Karl Steyaert in December 2014. I am a graduate of the 2015 Empathic Livelihood Program and 2015 BayNVC Leadership Program, and am honored to be an assistant for the 2016 cohort of the BayNVC Leadership Program. I have a BA in Sociology & Spanish from the University of Washington, and am certified in Permaculture Design

It is truly my pleasure to help you step into your most authentic, vibrant self! 

With gratitude,

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