Liv Monroe

(CNVC Certified Trainer)

Liv Monroe

My secret goal in life has always been to bring peace to the world. Secret because I felt embarrassed expressing such a lofty goal. Meanwhile, I pursued my main interests; studying child development and education at University, teaching (which is one of my favorite ways of learning), traveling to better understand families and interpersonal relationships, mothering (my greatest learning experience), volunteering in schools, and mediating through our local Dispute Resolution Center because I wanted to contribute to others well being (don't we all?).

As a mediator wanting to improve my skills I attended a workshop by Marshall Rosenberg in 1998 introducing Nonviolent Communication (NVC), A Language of Compassion. Marshall's radical communication process has become not only the centerpiece of my mediations, but has permeated my whole life.

Currently, my passion is teaching NVC to children in their classrooms and to parents and school staff. I also enjoy sharing the process with groups, organizations, businesses and anyone interested in learning along with me. I offer regular public NVC trainings and practice groups.

This process for "Communicating to Connect" has offered me concrete steps towards my secret goal. The thrilling part is that I can now imagine a possible way for humans working together to achieve world peace, from the inside out, one heart at a time.