Moreah Vestan

(Independent Trainer)

Moreah Vestan

I love connecting with my own and others’ feelings and needs. NVC is my greatest hope for creating peace in the world. 

I was raised one of nine children of an Iowa Catholic farm family and took authority very seriously. Believing I might have a calling to the religious life, I was even in the convent for a year.

Since then, I have taught high school English and second grade. I married and divorced seven years later, raising two children. I’ve been an Event Coordinator, a Speaker, an Admissions Director at nursing homes, and an inside salesperson. A landlady since 1985, I rent rooms to six housemates. I am currently a Life Coach and Compassionate Communication Trainer. I have given NVC workshops at churches, schools, community and educational organizations, and other small groups.

I have an M.A. in Adult Education, and was a relationship columnist 1992-2008 for Seattle's Active Singles Life. I was on the board of the Puget Sound Coaching Association for three years. A Personal and Professional Coach since 1998, I am a member of International Coaching Federation. I also bring to my practice the skills and awareness I have learned in Voice Dialogue, co-counseling, Nonviolent Communication, Landmark Education and Enneagrams. 

I enjoy dancing, travel, being in Nature, reading, facilitating monthly book discussions, philosophizing, meeting men through the personals, and learning on the Internet. I am dedicated to "fully expressing all of who I am". My intention is to never grow up. 

Four values guide my life: connection, contribution, discovery and freedom. These principles have led me to travel on my own in Asia and other countries, and to teach English as a Second Language in Mexico. I love collecting online resources, and enjoy sharing them with people.

Contact me in Seattle at 206-938-8385 or email me. I offer a free 30-minute telephone coaching session and work with people in person, by phone or by email to stimulate discovery, focus on fulfillment and celebrate completions. I know that NVC resolve difficult conversations in their lives. I am available for seminars and workshops or for individual or couples work. Visit me at Communication Coaching and at