Patty Zeitlin

(Independent Trainer)

Patty Zeitlin

My life journey has taken me into teaching and training early childhood teachers, writing and recording songs for children and adults, writing books, poetry and scripts, and even performing with a puppet troupe. I've always attempted to inspire compassion though my creative work, and to bring about more peace personally, and for others.

Teaching and sharing Marshall's work combines my values, many of my skills and my love of working with people. I brings me great joy to see others learn and experience what I have, using NVC, that is..more love, self-worth, and less fear in their lives.

I've been teaching and sharing NVC in Workshops and Small Group Classes and Practice Sessions for the past 7 years..two years after I joined the first Core Team here in Seattle that was dedicated to spreading Marshall's work. I am still on that team, and continue to do workshops and lead groups, locally.

I've practiced co-counseling for many years, taken Landmark Education courses, and received and M.A. in Human Development and Adult. Ed. from Pacific Oaks College I love to explore new horizons that deepen and enhance my life and practice.

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You can reach Patty at 206-367-3840