Erin Merrihew (CNVC Certified Trainer)

Location: North Seattle

   Northgate Public Library (10548 Fifth Ave NE Seattle, WA 98125)
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Date and Time:

   Sun, Sep 10, 2017

1:00 PM - 2:30 PM


   How would your life improve if you could stay openhearted through conflict? If you could process difficult feelings without isolating or shaming yourself? If you could meet yourself and others with dignity and compassion instead of judgment and blame?

Join us for a FREE 90-minute introduction to Compassionate Communication!

These simple tools will help you upgrade the way we think, speak, and relate in order to create a more joyful, authentic, connecting way of living.


  • Erin is Communication & Leadership Coach based in Seattle, WA. For more information, please visit her website:
  • For any questions regarding this training, please call Erin (206) 390-4241.

Who is it for?

  Anyone interested in living with greater compassion. People of all backgrounds, sexual orientations, religions and gender identities are welcome!