Nonviolent Communication with a Power Lens-Intro Course


   Janice Eng (Independent Trainer)
Pam Orbach

Location: Zoom-Online

   Zoom- Zoom link will be sent to those who register.

Date and Time:

   Sun, Oct 3, 2021

10/3, 10/10, 10/17, 10/24, 10/31, 11/7, 11/14, 11/21/21


  $400 for the 8 weeks.
Discount for groups of 3 ($50 off) for each member.
Some financial support available
Please email Janice at: j a n i c e . e n g 2 AT DOMAIN gmail~com
or call 206-706-1895


   Two seasoned NVC trainers, Janice Eng and Pam Orbach, have teamed together to bring you this dynamic 8-week introduction to Nonviolent Communication. We find that Nonviolent Communication is one of the most powerful and basic tools to create connection to self, to others, in organizations and in community. We bring nuances to these tools that are not normally seen, to support you in increasing understanding, connection, and mutuality.

We will look at different family and cultural systems that we have inherited, which can limit our perceptions, actions and choices. They can disconnect us from what we already know but may have been conditioned out of-what we feel, want, need, or dream. These systems can also shield us from seeing, understanding others’ experiences and perspectives, thus our impact on one another. The tools of NVC can increase awareness, understanding and possibility, to effectively use our power to create the world we want. We can learn to close the gap of separation and create a more inclusive and equitable world based on peace, trust, and compassion.

We will meet for eight consecutive Sunday evenings for two hours. If desired, we will match you up with a practice buddy from class so you can practice the new skills, giving and receiving empathy each week.

We are both independent trainers of Nonviolent Communication in organizations, the community, and have facilitated in prisons for years through Freedom Project. We facilitate restorative circles for families, organizations, and the community, to build trust, repair harm, and to create new systems, based on peace, trust, and compassion.

Who is it for?

  -Anyone who wants to communicate more effectively, connect more easily with others,
-Anyone who wants to align their consciousness and actions to nonviolence,
-Anyone committed to racial equity and social justice