NVC - On Dating


   Cindy Zody (Independent Trainer)

Location: 7726 236th St SW Edmonds 98026

   7726 236th St SW Edmonds 98026 "Zody Sanctuary"

Date and Time:

   Sat, Jun 25, 2022

10:30 AM - 3:30 PM




   In our time together, we will review the basics of Marshall Rosenberg's Non-Violent Communication process, participate in role plays, and interactive pairs exercises. Our goals will be  to become more familiar and comfortable identifying our own feelings/needs. Also, hearing (reflecting back) others.
This is a wonderful opportunity to practice what we already know, and deepen our connection with ourselves and others.
This is especially important when there has been so much DIS
-connection the past 2 years. I am EXTREMELY excited to offer this powerful work to everyone in person!


  • Learn how to listen skillfully and non-judgmentally
  • Deepen the quality of interaction with others
  • Be kinder to yourself
  • Stop behaving in ways that sabotage connection

Who is it for?

  Anyone desiring deeper connection within and without.
Those who are tired of being in isolation.
Those with some basic NVC knowledge.

Registration and deposit info:

   Call or Email Cindy
(206) 992-5992
c i n d y z o d y AT DOMAIN gmail~com

What to bring:

  An open heart and Mind
An expectation to connect
We will have a short lunch break, so bring a snack though some snacks will be provided.