Support for Trainers

Are you interested in supporting the work of NVC? The following is a list of possible ways you can contribute to support an NVC trainer. For further details on how you can contribute—whether you're interesting in leaning to become a trainer, or simply want to help out—talk with an NVC trainer directly. You can find contact information for all of our trainers here on our Trainers page.

In Preparation for Training

  1. Book room (to meet need for order and security)
    • Some possible rooms are located at Ravenna Methodist, Phinney Ridge Lutheran, and Community Free School {15 people max.}. Check that the room allows easy access for disabled people. Check with your trainer to determine whom you should contact to cover the cost of the room (if applicable).
  2. Advertising (to meet need for contributing to others well being, sharing, and for support of trainings)
    • Make, copy, and distribute fliers
    • Post information about the training on web sites (Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc.)
    • Send an email to the recipients in the NWC data base
    • Newspaper & radio article, ad, or public service announcement
    • Establish a phone contact person
  3. Preregistration (to meet need for reassurance and planning room space)
  4. Pick up supply box from the trainer, bring teas, other fliers, newsletters, signs, money box, name tags, pens, etc. to the training (to meet need for order, continuity, and comfort)
  5. Collect the box of NVC materials to sell at the training-order it a week ahead (to meet need for sharing and understanding)
  6. Copy handouts, etc. (to meet need for learning)

On the Day of Training, before it begins

  1. Open the room about one hour before training (to meet need for sense of security & for preparation)
  2. Set up the room (to meet needs for comfort and learning)
    • Chairs
    • Materials table(s)
    • Flowers, candles, and other decorations
    • Teas, hot water, sugar, cream, and food
    • Check heat, air, bathrooms
    • Put up signs to room and in room
    • Easel and pens
  3. Welcome participants (to meet need for connection)
    • Greet participants
    • Name tags (to meet need for recognition)
    • Registration
    • If preregistration was done check off participants
    • Have participants fill out information for the data base (to meet need for continued connection)
    • Accept donations (to meet needs for providing for well being, learning, and contribution)
    • Give handouts and paper or pens if needed (to meet needs for learning)
  4. Sell materials and answer questions (to meet needs for learning and understanding)

After Trainings

  1. Pack, clean, and lock up-leaving room as it was (to meet needs for respect of others property and beauty)
  2. Celebrate and mourn with trainer for the training (to meet needs for celebration and learning)
  3. Return box
  4. Return unsold materials
  5. Return money for deposit---specify how much is for materials, registration, and other (to meet need for order, understanding, and to benefit future planning)
  6. Turn in bills and reimbursement forms with receipts for expenses (to meet need for utilizing and sharing resources)

by Trainers' Council 8/22/02