Bob Wentworth

(CNVC Certified Trainer)

Bob Wentworth

Bob Wentworth is a certified trainer with CNVC and has served on their Board of Directors. He has led classes and workshops for Capital NVC and has also taught NVC in Poland, India, and Florida. In addition to leading workshops, he offers private sessions for individuals and couples, for learning, healing, and creating inner and outer peace, all using the tools of Nonviolent Communication as developed by Dr. Marshall Rosenberg and others. Bob is a graduate of the BayNVC North American NVC Leadership Programand a participant in Robert Gonzales' LIFE Program, and has received training in mediation, facilitating Restorative Circles, and facilitating processes to create understanding around controversial issues. He is a co-founder of Family HEART Camp, an NVC immersion experience for parents and children. Bob has a Ph.D. in Applied Physics from Stanford University. He has done research on the effectiveness of NVC training in business settings (see document below). From 2013-2017, Bob worked with CNVC, where he co-conceived and coordinated a Process for a New Future. Bob now lives in Santa Cruz, California.

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The following link offers access to a research study Bob co-authored regarding the impact of NVC training in a major corporation:

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