Bob Wentworth - News - May 29, 2018

New International NVC Community

In the past, NVC trainers have spoken of the worldwide "network" of NVC practitioners and trainers. But the network has never had any formal definition, nor have there been many mechanisms to help those in the network to connect with one another. All that is changing, with the formation of what is being called the "CNVC/NVC-O Community." (This name is temporary until a a "real" name is found.) This new Community recently formally opened its doors, and you are invited to become a member!

It is envisioned that the Community will become a place where those who value Nonviolent Communication (NVC) will connect with one another, form groups to engage around mutual interests, practice NVC, exchange support, find written and video resources, and hear about learning opportunities and NVC-oriented social activities. And, if members of the Community like, they can engage with the international NVC organization embedded within the Community.

The vision has been that the organization embedded in the Community will be an evolution of the current Center for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC), transformed to distribute and share decision-making, and be more inclusive and international, with more responsiveness and more opportunities for engagement. The organization will function according to principles of self-management, as described in the book, Reinventing Organizations. There are some issues being worked out within CNVC right now, so some of the details are less clear in this moment than they could be. But, one way or another, this Organization and Community are on their way to being born!

At this point in time, the Community doesn't have a lot of ready-made benefits to offer its members. Those will likely increase steadily over the coming months and years. Even so, you might want to join now, if you're the sort of person who likes to get in "on the ground floor" or "be there when it all began"—or, especially, if you want to help build what is collectively being created.

There will be lots of opportunities to pitch in and help, with all sorts of things: organizing events to create experiences of community, fundraising, helping set up systems for conflict transformation, building a website, designing curricula, translating materials, producing videos, and much more. It's also OK if you just want to quietly sit back and watch, or just visit from time to time. This is meant to be a Community in which people are free to do what they like and to self-organize to care for needs of all sorts.

Sound intriguing? A lot of it is merely potential at this point, so don't expect to see all this yet. But the potential is very real, for this to grow into a vital Community.

Visit our new emerging website at and consider becoming a Member of the CNVC/NVC-O Community today!