Evan Gorsline (In Memoriam)

(CNVC Certified Trainer - Not currently active in NCC)

Evan Gorsline

In 2006 I first saw Marshall Rosenberg speak. I immediately saw the power and beauty of this simple but radical way of communicating, and, as a business manager was able to put Nonviolent Communication to work right away and see how the practical human benefits could effect the workplace, and, in some small way, the world. 

I believe Nonviolent Communication works because it is both practical for daily life, and it is transformative for individuals who practice it regardless of their spiritual/political beliefs or social/economic background. If you want to communicate better and have more harmony with your family, if you want to create a more powerful and collaborative business setting, or if you just want to be more connected to your inner truth, there is a way to apply Nonviolent Communication.

My vision is of a world where everyone's needs are met in ways that contribute to the planet as a whole, but in a daily service to this vision I see it beginning with giving in a practical and meaningful way that can enhance and support everyday life. Whether I'm mediating, teaching, or facilitating conversations, I am most interested in creating ways to work with and adapt to the particular needs of people and the situations they are in. Meeting people where they are and being flexible is key to this, and I believe that is also key not only to being more efficient and making progress, but to more love and compassion in the world as well.