Holly Eckert

(CNVC Certified Trainer - Not currently active in NCC)

Holly Eckert

Holly Eckert adds a magical twist to standard Nonviolent Communication Training with her experience in the energetic and shamanic arts.  While firmly grounded in the traditional NVC process, Holly expands the NVC model with additional options from other modalities--options which guide participants in quickly and reliably shifting their energetic states out of anger and fear, into curiosity and trust.  Once in that place of trust, honest yet compassionate words flow magically.

Since 2001, Holly has taught NVC workshops to the general public, through the Radiant Relationships Seminar Series.  She also offers communication coaching to individuals with HourTalk--finding the resolution or pinpointing the next step, in any tough conversation, in just 60 minutes!

SynergySpeak is Holly’s intensive training program for conscious businesses—businesses which value satisfaction in individuals, collaboration in their community and mission accomplishment in the organization.   Through SynergySpeak, businesses learn to communicate to create a combined result exponentially more spectacular than the sum of its parts.

Holly is a certified trainer with the global Center for Nonviolent Communication (www.cnvc.org) and the online NVC Academy (www.nvcacademy.com).  Holly’s clients come from a wide diversity of fields, including medical (UW Medical Center, Children’s Hospital), corporate (Microsoft, Conscious Choice magazine), spiritual (Unity Church, Sundust Oracle Institute), families (North Seattle Co-op Preschools, CHANGES parenting network) and social change (Peace Alliance, RESULTS).

Holly’s first book, Graduating from Guilt, will be published in 2009 by PuddleDancer Press, the premier publisher of Nonviolent Communication related works.

“Holly’s jargon-free approach to teaching NVC helps people make the process their own and use it organically.”  --Miriam Dyak, co-founder, The Voice Dialogue Institute

Contact information:  115 N 85th St. #202, Seattle, WA  98103
(206) 706-0483, www.HollyEckert.com