Northwest Compassionate Communication - Vashon

Vashon Island, Washington, is currently host to several NVC trainers, eager to support people on and off the island:

  • Barbara Larson (CNVC Certified Trainer)
  • Doug Dolstad (CNVC Certified Trainer)
  • Mair Alight (CNVC Certified Trainer)

Trainings offered on Vashon are listed below.

Trainings on Vashon

No trainings found.

Practice Groups on Vashon

VASHON ISLAND / 98070: Empathy Circle/NVC Practice with Mair Alight: Participants co-create our experience. Coached role plays, empathy dyads, small groups, games, exercises...We share our time for inclusion/care for all. We meet via ZOOM
Facilitated by Mair Alight, Empathy Specialist & CNVC Certified Trainer. Mair learned directly from Marshall Rosenberg (developer of NVC) and has been learning, teaching and practicing since 2000.   $20/session
We meet via ZOOM VIDEO
Contact Mair Alight: 707-367-3432 (text preferred) or M a i r A l i g h t AT DOMAIN gmail~com Time on Fridays to be decided.

To learn more about Mair please visit to find information about upcoming events, testimonials, biography,inner child blog and webstore.

The suggested donation is $20 per two hour session. Your contribution is very much appreciated. Money offered for practice groups is used to support Mair, and to add to a scholarship fund to support people with limited financial resources to learn and practice NVC call series... However don't let money hold you back—your presence is more important.

Special Interest: Beginning NVC, Intermediate NVC, Advanced NVC

Occurs Weekly on Thursdays from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM

VASHON ISLAND / 98070: NVC with Kathleen Macferran: Once a month, Kathleen Macferran comes to Vashon to host a 2-hour NVC practice group. What happens varies depending on what is "alive" in the room.

To learn more about Kathleen's experience and work please visit  Her latest TEDx talk "The art of listening" as well as  information about upcoming events and workshops can be found there as well.

The suggested donation for this session is $20. Your contribution is very much appreciated. Kathleen will use the money to go into prisons and in addition works with populations who do not have the resources to compensate her. However don't let money hold you back—your presence is more important.

We meet in a private studio at 10718 SW 232nd St., Vashon, 10am-noon, generally on a Monday. The date varies from month to month. so check for information on this website about particular dates. Upcoming dates include: Dec 3, 2018; Jan 7, Feb 4, Apr 22, 2019.

Special Interest: Beginning NVC, Intermediate NVC

Vashon Trainers

Some Vashon events are held at Cedar Spring Farm.